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AZK PREP- Developmental Academy

M/W 6PM - 7PM @ Victorium

Team Information

Sand Training

Tu/Th 7PM - 8PM @ Horizon Park

**Online registration is now available for AZK Prep**


Register for our Summer Sand program!!

We have spots available on our summer Festival teams  -  For more info contact:  (602) 535-9222


Best Club in Scottsdale!

Best Club in Scottsdale

Many thanks to Chapman for your sponsorship!!!

Praise from our Community


Wow, 2018 was an amazing one! The 14N Kings rocked it! Thank you for making every moment a learning one whether on the sideline or on the court.  Ryann grew exponentially through your coaching and motivation, and we couldn't be happier about where she is today.  We are excited to mark one year with AZ Kings. The difference between your club and others is that you know the athletes and the parents. Thank you for all you do!  Much love!"

Lee Ann Bloom

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Bridgett King

Owner / Founder / Director of Coaching

Phone: 602-535-9222