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Looking to expand our coaching staff! Please contact Bridgett at 1-602-535-9222 for more information!


  Celebrating Our 10th Year Anniversary!

AZ Kings “Champions”  

Training Classes

The AZ Kings Volleyball Club has established itself as one of the most competitive clubs in the Arizona Region. We will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary during the 2017-2018 season. The Club’s success comes from Bridgett’s (owner) passion to work with, develop and inspire kids of all ages. Our key areas of focus are to develop the players’ physical skills and to mentally prepare them for what it takes to be successful on and off the court.

Many of our championship teams will be returning to the Victorium, our world-class practice facility, to continue their success on the court. Our experienced coaching staff is prepared and motivated with a passion to educate and positively inspire the Kings players to become their very best.

We are actively recruiting players that have both a passion for volleyball and a desire to learn the proper form and techniques that will give them the foundation to build their skills quickly and soundly.

If you want to learn from some of the best and open up the opportunity to join the Kings this upcoming club season, please see attached schedule of training classes geared toward preparing you for tryouts.

Little Knight Training (Ages 10 and under)

Beginners (Kick Start)

This program is designed for beginners. We will break down each skill set with instruction and drills that will establish a solid base to build upon.

With quality repetitions and encouraging instruction by our coaches, noticeable improvements will be witnessed and the players will have a confidence and desire to want more.

Warrior Training (Ages 12 to 14)

Intermediate (Gear Up)

This intermediate training program will involve skill correction and a variety of fast paced drills designed to enhance the skills that need to be mastered to successfully play both offense and defense. With a focus on refining skills and learning more about the game, our coaching staff will have them ready to take their next challenge.

Champions Training (Ages 13-

Advanced (Max out)

This advanced training program is designed for players that have at least 2 years of club experience. We run this group much like a college volleyball program to prepare them physically and mentally for the rigors of competitive club volleyball. We will use our high-tech Acu spike and serving machines to maximize reps and speed of play, and players will scrimmage like every point was the winning point.


Skills Development 
High energy instructional drills to improve form and technique.

Followed by some scrimmages.  


Tuesday,Thursday &Sunday 
Tuesday /Thursday 5:00-7:00pm
Sunday 11am-1pm

Bridgett and her coaching staff 

Call Bridgett 602-535-9222

ALL Ages

(sorted by age and ability)

session cost: 20.00



Sept- October

by appointment only

Friday 5-7 sand 

 Saturday from 2-4  Indoors 

(one hour sessions)

Groups of 3 or 4 for indoor, sand or combination of both  

Call or Text 602-535-9222


The best way to get personal attention and see amazing instant measurable skill improvement.

Cost: Varies by package 

Club Director Bridgett King 602-535-9222 WWW.AZKINGSVB.COM


Owner/Founder/Director of Coaching
Scottsdale Volleyball Academy

/ AZ Kings


Bridgett founded AZ Kings because she loves developing volleyball players. She helps her athletes focus on reaching their goals by believing in themselves and never giving up on their dreams. She instills confidence needed to succeed not only in Volleyball but in life as well. Whether your dream is to play in high school or to earn a college scholarship, AZ Kings can guide you. Bridgett's passion for coaching and her winning attitude will help develop the skills and the mindset needed to succeed.

Our commitment is to coach and develop each player so that they reach their maximum potential both as a volleyball player and as a person.

Praise from our Community

"This time last year we dealt with tears.  That's when Dani got angry (and you do NOT want to see her angry).  Within 24 hours of those tears we called Bridget King and thus began a whirlwind of private lessons, sand and changing clubs to AZ Kings.  Dani had an AMAZING year and her growth was so fun to watch.  Thank you for everything Bridgett & Howie.  Troy Gersema thank you for your work with Dani and pushing her to jump higher.  Thank you Bridgett for your pep talks, your deciation to and patience with our little whiskey in a teacup!"

     Megan Wichman

"Coach Bridgett truly cares about the girls, their sense of belonging and placing them on the right team, with the best chance to grow. She is also creating more than a volleyball club, but rather a place where the girls/players (and parents) belong - a community. We feel confident that we made the right choice in Club for our daughter and are excited about the journey ahead."

Claudia Sawaf

"Bridgett King was an exceptional athlete in both volleyball and basketball. Her athleticism, desire and work ethic allowed her to succeed at the collegiate level.  Bridgett's passion for volleyball and rapport with young people will equate into exceptional instruction and development of future players." Jim Littell, Oklahoma State University

"We have known Bridgett for 10 years and have personally seen the value of her coaching and training with our daughter Claudia. She recently received an athletic scholarship offer to a division one university for volleyball. We can highly recommend Bridgett to anyone who has an interest in seeing their child succeed as a volleyball player and in life."  Claude and Deborah Lemieux,

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9219 E Hidden Spur Trail Scottsdale, AZ, 85255